ShareCenter Connects to Your Home Network

One of the biggest misconceptions about ShareCenter devices is that they are simply external hard drives. Sure, they protect your stuff in case your hard drive crashes. And yeah, they allow you to back up your digital content so you can save space on your computer. But unlike external hard drives, ShareCenter devices connect to your home network instead of to a single computer, which means they can go far above and beyond the limits of an average external hard drive.

ShareCenter lets you share photos, music, videos documents and more with everyone on your home network

Share Files Over Your Home Network

Because ShareCenter devices connect to your home network, they are able to back up and store content from all of the computers on your network instead of just one. That means while you’re backing up work documents from your laptop, the rest of the family can back up the digital photos and music from their computers. Plus, because all of that digital content is being stored in one central location, it’s easy for everyone on the network to share it between computers. And no need to worry, ShareCenter makes it easy to control who has access to what, so privacy isn’t an issue.

Access Your Content from Anywhere

ShareCenter storage devices feature a built-in FTP & Web File server, which allows you to access your content remotely over the Internet. Once you set up an FTP & Web File server, you can access all of your music, videos, photos and documents from virtually anywhere. That’s right.. thanks to ShareCenter no matter how far you travel, you never have to be more than a few clicks away from all of your files.

With ShareCenter you can access your files from virtually anywhere via the Internet