Stream Media to Your Computers and TVs

You’re probably planning to store a lot of great stuff on your ShareCenter. Photos from last week’s party, the video you shot of your best friend’s wedding, your entire music collection and tons more. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy it all whenever and wherever you want? With ShareCenter, you can.

ShareCenter makes it simple to wirelessly stream digital media like photos, music and videos to any of your computers and your entertainment system. That means you can watch any saved media on your computer, or enjoy it with friends and family on your entertainment system. Anywhere, anytime.

ShareCenter lets you stream
saved videos, photos and music to your computers and TVs.

ShareCenter devices work with a
variety of DLNA compatible media players to stream media.

Compatible Media Players

ShareCenter storage devices work with a variety of DLNA compatible network media players to stream videos, photos and music to your entertainment center.

Compatible media players include:

Peer to Peer Downloader

The ShareCenter storage devices feature a built-in Peer to Peer client that lets you download files at incredible speeds without the need to power on a computer. Adding files to your download list is easy; simply upload the file or enter its web address and you're good to go. Plus, you can configure your downloads, port settings, bandwidth management and seeding options in the web-based manager.

ShareCenter's P2P download engine makes it easy for you to download files without even powering on your computer.